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James Pulley is the CTO for Newcoe Performance Engineering, as well as Newcoe’s sister organizations, The ScriptFarm and LoadRunner By The Hour. Previously, James managed the professional services delivery for PowerTest, founded iTest Solutions and worked for Mercury Interactive’s PSO & Sales organizations, Gigalabs, NetIQ, Banyan Systems and Microsoft. His background includes roles in both sales and professional services delivery, with technical concentrations on OS and application architectures, network and application infrastructure performance. He is a moderator for several professional forums related to performance testing and tuning (with respect to Mercury/HP tools) and the cloud-computing forum on SQAForums.

Speaker Details:

James Pulley – Chief Geek, LiteSquare
Twitter: @loadrunnerbth
Facebook: James Pulley
LinkedIn: James Pulley
Website: LiteSquare
Blog: JamesPulley.com
Podcast: Perfbytes

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