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Agile Is Focused on…Capacity Equalization!

Not that long ago, I received an email from someone in the Northwestern part of the US. They were thinking of moving to agile approaches and they wanted to pick my brain surrounding the logistics of “going Agile”. It was an introduction of sorts, but it was also an assessment. They were assessing whether I […]

Earning Your Performance Tester Stripes

How does a performance tester earn the gold stripes? By providing results that enable fixing underlying problems. As a customer on a recent performance testing project commented, “We aren’t done until we diagnose and fix the two issues the last test uncovered.” He was referring to two graphs from our final test that we had […]

Why Do I Need Regression Testing?

If you are asking this question, then this writing is especially dedicated to you. Regression Testing can become one of the most critical elements of your test artifacts and can prove to be the most preventative of all measures you can take in your organization. Many quality organizations will publish that regression testing is part […]