Top 4 Myths of Website Performance Testing

When it comes to the success of a website, performance testing at realistic scale is key. Without exercising web and mobile apps and infrastructure with the same activity and traffic levels that you expect from real users, how can architects, developers, testers and operations personnel prove it will be an effective, profitable resource? To be […]

Earning Your Performance Tester Stripes

How does a performance tester earn the gold stripes? By providing results that enable fixing underlying problems. As a customer on a recent performance testing project commented, “We aren’t done until we diagnose and fix the two issues the last test uncovered.” He was referring to two graphs from our final test that we had […]

Top Performance Landmines (Part One)

Performance is a critical business issue. Research has shown that 75% of users will go to a competitor if your web performance is poor. Sites often bog down or fail during peak traffic times, exactly when they need to perform at their best. There are only a few reasons why websites go down under heavy […]