Looking For a Testing Job In San Diego?

LOOKING FOR A TESTING JOB IN SAN DIEGO?Few months back, I started a meetup group – Test Practitioner’s Club. We have about 200 + members each on the linkedin group and facebook page and the meetup.

We have been meeting locally, to learn testing from each other and share our experiences. But lately, I noticed, lot of folks who came to the meetups, began to find new jobs with organizations, whose employees frequently participated in our meetups too. And I realized that these meetups were serving as the breeding ground for new relationships. It also became a platform for testers to network and evaluate opportunities – Opportunity to hire as well as to get hired.

Conferences / meetups /public trainings – are perfect places to meet new peers. These serve not only as a networking platform but also give an opportunity to evaluate a tester’s skill at length and in not so formal environment, thus possibly showing more natural side of the tester.

And, for the testers who are looking for a change, conferences serve as a priceless opportunity to find either the right job for them or an impactful referral. The passionate ones who have some fire in their belly to make it in the testing and technology world make the best of the opportunity by meeting maximum testers present there, exchanging thoughts with them, finding mentors and sponsors and leaders. These connects eventually result into more dependable support for one’s overall career growth.

I am about to attend a content rich testing conference that’s attended by big number of testers and decision makers of test department – STPCon Spring 2015 at San Diego. And therefore thought of writing few lines, to those testers, interested in hiring or getting hired, to participate in the conference and make the best of it.

Should you decide to attend STPCon, you could use my discount code – STPS15MISH to get a 10% off.

Would also like to add that I am teaching a class on “Implementing Business Context to Test Heuristics Model“, this could help the testers, in developing a transactional knowledge of various businesses and will help formulate an approach to learn different businesses and setting up the business context while implementing the test heuristics model.

I strongly recommend this class to those testers who have a good job and feel settled but would like to move up in the value chain and become a better tester and add more value to the product and gain respect as an expert. The class would tremendously help those testers, who are seeking for a change in a different business domain or are looking for a job and unable to find one in the same industry that they are familiar with.

Explore the program, find the sessions of your interest. Come and enjoy learning testing. Meet new testers, network and reach greater heights in your career.

Looking forward to see you there.

About the Author
Smita MishraSmita Mishra is the CEO and Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, which is a software testing organization. She is a test professional who has spent over 13 years practicing testing and leading test efforts of varying sizes, cutting across all key domains and technologies. In past, she has worked with multiple organizations, likes of – HCL Technologies Ltd, Fidelity Investments, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd, Churchill Insurance (Now RBS) and led multi-million dollars testing projects, set up and maintain test centers for her customers. Read More

Don’t miss Smita at STPCon Spring 2015. Smita will lead three sessions:
Exploratory Testing: Learning the Security Way
Implementing Business Context to Test Heuristics Model – Part 1
Implementing Business Context to Test Heuristics Model – Part 2
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