Save Our Scrum

It’s fair to say that your organization may be inspired by scrum: You may use daily standups, cards on a wall (or virtual cards in a tool), periodic “sprints”, perhaps even demos and retrospectives. Yet something conspires to make Scrum ineffective. Ken Schwaber, a co-creator of scrum, says that roughly 25% of teams trying the […]

Testing is Your Brand. Sell It!

Do you feel misunderstood? Do you feel like what you do isn’t respected by those you work with? Are you afraid for the future of testing at your company? You aren’t alone. Those feelings are common in the testing community. Most people feel that there is nothing they can do to help the situation. This […]

Three Ways to Conquer Your Customers on Wearable Devices

The battleground where businesses compete for revenue now comes down to a matter of seconds; as every digital moment where customers engage with your brand, must offer the best customer experience possible, even on wearables. Wearable devices, and the apps that make them truly valuable, will change the way workers do their jobs and how […]

“Jane, Stop this Crazy Thing!”

It’s not a Jetson’s universe yet, but mobile, cloud and IoT are pushing performance expectations and continuous delivery cycles to new limits. Teams supporting this pace have learned to utilize production data, compress mundane tasks, and share the load across Dev and Ops. Session Takeaways: New ways to capture and define user performance expectations. Introduce […]

Developing & Testing Mobile Apps on the Fly in an “I Want it Now” World

How can mobile applications keep up with the demands of the “I want it now” user generation of today? Is it possible to break down the barrier between users, application developers, and testers? Mobile application development is tough! Today mobile application development tends to follow structured processes with incremental application releases. These processes create an […]

Application Performance Clinic

Join us on March 29th for a complimentary application performance clinic. This event is all about hands-on learning. The goal is that you will leave with a handful of PurePaths, log files, graphs, metrics and new ideas that you can show and share with your peers. Join application performance enthusiast, Andreas Grabner as he walks […]

When Cultures Collide – Communicating with a Global Workforce

What do these books have in common – “When Cultures Collide”, “Understanding Cultural Differences”, “Beyond Culture”? Yes, it involves people from different cultures trying to interact with each other and sustain in this new diverse environment we now call our workplace. This session is based on our real life experiences interacting, observing and working with […]

ISTQB Agile Tester Foundation Course (Day 2)

This course provides testers and test managers with an understanding of the fundamentals of testing on agile projects. Attendees will learn how agile software development projects are organized, and the various types of agile development practices in common use. They will understand how agile development differs from traditional approaches, how to position testers in an […]