PerfBytes – LIVE from STPCon

Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance and enjoy the hilarious fun that is PerfBytes! […]

Optimizing Test Teams for Continuous Delivery

Learn how to shorten test cycles with a continuous delivery quality pipeline. You will reduce costs and deliver valuable software early! Continuous build processes create more builds for the testing process. These quick feedback loops reduces the troubleshooting time by orders of magnitude. However, the pressure on the quality of the test process itself is […]

Automation Challenges – A Round Table Discussion

Are you having chronic challenges with your automation initiative? Do you ever wish that you could discuss those situations with others who may have the same challenges or who have had success in overcoming those challenges? Do you have experience overcoming common automation challenges that you want to share? Are you just starting in automation […]

What’s Bugging You About Testing (Round Table)

This engaging and interactive discussion will focus on things you, testers, struggle with in your everyday environment. Come armed with the frustrations you face as you try to help your organizations deliver high quality solutions. Bring also the tips and tricks you’ve found to be effective so that you can share your ideas with others […]

ACCelerate Your Agile Test Planning (Extended Session)

One of the most pervasive questions I’m asked by people testing within an agile environment is how to perform test planning when you’ve only got two weeks for a sprint – and you’re usually asked to start before specifications and other work is solidified. This session explores one of the most effective tools I’ve used […]

QA Engagement in User Acceptance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing and User Acceptance Testing have obvious similarities, yet each have unique objectives. Ideally, QA and UAT are performed by different teams and at different intervals in the project timeline. QA are the SMEs in defect detection, removal, and testing process governance, while oftentimes the UAT team are the functional SMEs in their […]

High Volume Automation in Practice

High-Volume Automated Testing is “a family of test techniques that enable a tester to run and evaluate arbitrarily many computer-assisted tests” (WTST 2013). This definition is pretty broad and covers a lot of ground, depending on what kinds of tests are being considered for execution by the automation, but one thing that all these tests […]