Keynote: It’s Non-Functional, not Dysfunctional

Presentation: Non-functional not Dysfunctional “As an end-user in order to navigate the online product catalog, I will need a banner here with menu option there and the page should function THIS way and then the mobile app should function THAT way.” Today’s software engineers are typically overwhelmed with descriptions specifying WHAT the software should be […]

Keynote: Thinking Fast and Slow – For Testers’ Everyday Life

Presentation: Thinking Fast and Slow – For Testers’ Everyday Life In his book Thinking Fast and Slow, Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman introduces two mental systems, one that is fast and the other slow. Together they shape our impressions of the world around us and help us make choices. Knowledge of how our minds work allows […]

Keynote: The 3 Pillars Approach to Agile Testing Strategy

Presentation: 3-Pillars Keynote – Driving Agile Testing Strategy Far too often agile adoptions focus just on the development teams, agile frameworks, or technical practices as a part of their adoption strategies. And then there’s the near perpetual focus on tooling or developing test automation without striking a balanced approach. Often the testing activity and the […]