Developing and testing software for mobile devices presents its own set of challenges. In this track participants will learn mobile testing techniques from real-world experiences as presented by a selection of industry experts.

Three Ways to Conquer Your Customers on Wearable Devices

The battleground where businesses compete for revenue now comes down to a matter of seconds; as every digital moment where customers engage with your brand, must offer the best customer experience possible, even on wearables. Wearable devices, and the apps that make them truly valuable, will change the way workers do their jobs and how […]

“Jane, Stop this Crazy Thing!”

It’s not a Jetson’s universe yet, but mobile, cloud and IoT are pushing performance expectations and continuous delivery cycles to new limits. Teams supporting this pace have learned to utilize production data, compress mundane tasks, and share the load across Dev and Ops. Session Takeaways: New ways to capture and define user performance expectations. Introduce […]

Optimizing Test Teams for Continuous Delivery

Learn how to shorten test cycles with a continuous delivery quality pipeline. You will reduce costs and deliver valuable software early! Continuous build processes create more builds for the testing process. These quick feedback loops reduces the troubleshooting time by orders of magnitude. However, the pressure on the quality of the test process itself is […]

Developing & Testing Mobile Apps on the Fly in an “I Want it Now” World

How can mobile applications keep up with the demands of the “I want it now” user generation of today? Is it possible to break down the barrier between users, application developers, and testers? Mobile application development is tough! Today mobile application development tends to follow structured processes with incremental application releases. These processes create an […]