All for Web, and Web for All: Designing and Testing for Accessibility

As the web, mobile, and other devices we have yet to fully comprehend proliferate around us, we want to do our best to cater to the customers that best represent the users of our products. However, there is a population that is frequently left with little to work with, and that is those who have to deal with physical disabilities. Issues with sight, sound, motor movements, comprehension and other disabilities outs many sights out of reach for those who would most like to use them. Making products that are accessible is more than just implementing a few tags so a screen reader can spell out the terms, it involves designing a product from the top down to be navigated easily and seamlessly.

In this talk, I will present some challenges those with disabilities face, ways that we can design products to better work for those with various physical disabilities, and that testing for accessibility can be a fun, interesting and important part of your organizations product offerings.

Session Takeaways:

  • Attendees will be able to look at issues relating to Accessibility, how to evaluate Accesibility issues, and have an understanding as to how to address these challenges, fix them, and test for them in the future.

Leadership Strategy
Location: Fairbanks Terrace B Date: April 1, 2015 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Michael Larsen Michael Larsen