Application Performance Clinic

Application Performance Clinic with Andreas Grabner

Join us on March 29th for a complimentary application performance clinic. This event is all about hands-on learning. The goal is that you will leave with a handful of PurePaths, log files, graphs, metrics and new ideas that you can show and share with your peers. Join application performance enthusiast, Andreas Grabner as he walks you through the most common performance problems in the frontend (web, mobile, rich client), backend (web server, app server, database, etc.) and discusses common deployment mistakes. He will then go into a hands-on mode where he will show you how to analyze your own application. That’s why we hope that you BYOA (Bring Your Own Application – learn how to identify the typical performance hotspots in your Java, .Net, PHP, web or mobile Android or iOS applications using free available tools)!

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The Agenda:

2:00pm – 3:30pm – A 15 Minute Performance Sanity Check: A Discussion of Best Practices -Andi will walk you through the most common checkpoints when analyzing an application from end-to-end. He will start at the frontend and continue through to the backend but he will also go through a checklist to consider when deploying software in a larger load or production environment. Andi will walk you through his 15 minute sanity check using some applications he brings with him.

3:45pm – ? BYOA: Bring Your Own Application and we will check it out! Now it’s time for your application. Got it with you on your laptop? Is it deployed already and accessible? We will get the tools in place and do the sanity check on your application. You should walk away from this exercise knowing how to perform these checks on those applications you are responsible for. We will use tools that are available for free so that you can perform these checks as soon as you head back to the office!

Clinic Leader:

Andreas Grabner – Andi Grabner is an Austrian native. He is an application performance enthusiast as he has worked in that area for the last 15 years. When he is not finding performance problems, he is salsa dancing, his second greatest passion! He has worked for companies like Segue Software (Silk Product Line), Borland, dynaTrace, Compuware, and Dynatrace. Most of the time he has been a technology evangelist, developer advocate or whatever you want to call it. He is the guy who gets to help customers fix their performance problems and then brag about it on his blog or at conferences. He is giving back to the performance community through his blog, conference talks and now with this new initiative that he calls his “Performance Clinics”.


Is this a marketing event from Dynatrace?

No! This event is about educating the developer, tester and operations community on building and running better applications. Andi Grabner has blogged and presented best practices over the years. Of course it requires tools to follow these best practices, but we will stick with free available tools without you needing to spend a dime or having to fear about follow up emails from sales or marketing.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring your laptop with the application that you want to performance analyze. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing a real life app just bring a similar sample app so we can show you how it is done. Alternatively we can also set this up remotely if you have remote access to your system in the office.

If you can’t bring your application, feel free to bring your performance reports. These can be log files, load testing reports or any data from your APM tools.

What do I need to prepare?

We are going to use some free tools in the performance space. It helps if you register and download tools such as Dynatrace, New Relic, AppDynamics, JMeter, YSlow, PageSpeed. You could also bring any other tools that you use on a day-to-day basis. The main product Andi will focus on is the Dynatrace Free Trial. If you don’t get to register before the event, the tools will be onsite to use.

Bonus: Attendees of this clinic will receive an extended free trial license for Dynatrace to apply what was learned in the clinic in your environment at home, as well as a Dynatrace APMaaS account.

Location: Fairbanks Terrace A Date: March 29, 2015 Time: 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm Andreas Grabner - STPCon Fall 2014 Andreas Grabner