Implementing Business Context to Test Heuristics Model – Part 2

We live in a world with various business domains. Testers in these domains are called upon to understand the business context, and while the core approach to their testing should be similar to other testers, it is important to understand the industries that are out there. Have you ever wondered how testers in another domain or industry might approach testing for their organizations? Have you ever wondered if something that someone is doing in another testing domain would benefit the work you do in your company? As testers, it is critical to understand the various business verticals and industries. Educating yourself on these various industries adds an immense depth to your skills as a tester and provides you the ability to test from various angles. Most importantly, it expands your experience and your reputation among your peers in the testing community.

Let’s face the facts: Business leaders are focused on cutting costs and lowering the time-to-market. But are they aware of the impact to quality? Projects are getting more and more complex in nature, both in functionality and technology. Even with this increased complexity, the business continues to expect the same depth and quality of effort from testing in the same timeframes as in past projects.
How often do the testers on your team handle this pressure by keeping their heads down and just focusing on the work to be done? Do they move ahead with a limited awareness of the business contexts, which causes missed opportunities to prioritize testing activities, find critical defects early, reduce risks of failure, and reduce the cost of post-production defects?

This two-part tutorial will equip you with an understanding of the various vertical business domains that exist today, as well as an understanding of the various approaches to testing within them. Armed with this knowledge and practice, your team will look to you for the diverse aspects to testing in your organization, and you will become highly respected for your approach to testing.

Part 2 (1pm – 5pm): Implementing Business Context to Heuristics Model for Testing: Applying Business Context to Test Reporting and Management
Part 2 will move from theory to practice. Attendees will be given exercises that will give hands-on experience to the practice of testing within various vertical business domains. While this tutorial does not require attendance to Part 1, we will be leveraging the coursework on heuristics within business contexts to build upon the exercises.

Key Takeaways: attendees to the session will learn…
1. Practicing hands on – testing exercises, to implement business domains in testing (Retail, Healthcare, and BFSI – Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance).
2. How to develop interactional expertise of different domains
3. Product Risks – how to identify these and highlight the risks to the management
4. Implementing the business context for test reporting and management (Retail, Healthcare, and BFSI – Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance).
5. Testing exercise – implementation of business context in end to end test strategy and testing model (quick practice session)

Leadership Workshop
Location: Fairbanks Terrace D Date: March 30, 2015 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Smita Mishra Smita Mishra