Keys for Transitioning from Traditional to Agile Testing – Lessons from the Trenches

It’s fairly hard to know what solid testing is all about within agile teams. What traditional practices are fine to continue, which ones need modification, and what totally new approaches are necessary. Moving from traditional to agile testing is often a high-wire balancing act to some degree with no clear direction.

In this session, experienced Agile Coach Bob Galen will share with you the critical lessons from teams he’s observed who’ve successfully made the transition. We’ll explore the requisite team skills, how to deal with agile requirements, the right strategies for developing agile automation, how to plan and test within your agile team, effective agile test metrics, and aspects of quality for agile teams. The lessons will be shared via real stories from real agile teams who have crossed this chasm—so no hypotheticals here!

Agile Workshop
Location: Fairbanks Terrace B Date: March 31, 2015 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Bob Galen - STPCon Fall 2014 Bob Galen