Now, What’s Your Plan? Understanding Context Changes Using Robots

The future is here. Our top-notch robots — robots you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands — are ready to solve problems.

Or are they? (Maybe we should learn a bit more about context first!!!)

In this interactive and challenging session, we will form small teams and create/prioritize product backlogs, and will do so with a twist: the context (the various circumstances that form the setting around our projects) will evolve through the session, thus putting pressure on us to adapt our planning and prioritization.

Together we will discover how far context reaches: the robot’s differing purposes, operating environment, users and their environments, the team’s differing environments, the company’s differing financial and legal environments, the industry’s differing circumstances, and so forth.

Without context exploration and clarity, we are subject to misinterpreting work statements. When instead we achieve convergent interpretation of context, we achieve convergent interpretation of the work statements and the reasoning behind them. With that shared understanding, we reduce risk and uncertainty when prioritizing, make better sense of backlog, and in turn produce a more successful product.

As the session progresses, new information will cast different light on the robot projects, forcing us into tough decisions about context-changes. The users may not be who we thought they were; or the terrain might be different. How will your backlog and priorities evolve as a result? What differences will we see between the different teams’ backlogs?

We will end with a brainstorm on context variables to consider when planning. This will provide you with a list of context variables you might consider in generating ideas to aid backlog prioritization. If you start using the list in your work, over time you will most likely come up with even more variables to add to the list to make it all yours in your context.

Come explore context and the robots!

For the record the robots in this session are toy robots that we imagine to be used in serious real time contexts.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Learn and experience how context variance results in different stories even for identical functionality
  • By understanding what context really is, you will better identify your context at work and incorporate context aspects when describing your product
  • You will walk away with a list of factors that affect context. When back at work, with each project you can grow the list, which in turn will help you identify context even better in future projects.
  • Uncovering and adapting to context will make you deliver a greater value to your stakeholders

Leadership Workshop
Location: Fairbanks Terrace B Date: March 30, 2015 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Hendrick Andersson Henrik Andersson Leonidas Hepis Leo Hepis