Three Ways to Conquer Your Customers on Wearable Devices

The battleground where businesses compete for revenue now comes down to a matter of seconds; as every digital moment where customers engage with your brand, must offer the best customer experience possible, even on wearables. Wearable devices, and the apps that make them truly valuable, will change the way workers do their jobs and how consumers manage their lives. Developers and Quality teams must meet the demanding needs of users whose expectations for a flawless experience and functionality are changing.

In this session, Chris Karnacki will discuss the three keys to success for any businesses to delight their customers in their exact moment of need on smartwatches, new smartphones, tablets or digital form-factors yet to be imagined. Chris will share testing best practices to prepare your apps for a smooth and reliable experience now and in the future.

Session Takeaways:

  • A. Designing for Functionality and Speed. As you go down the device chain from web to mobile and mobile to wearables, companies must ensure simplicity. Function and performance trumps design. Anticipating the context of wearable devices usage raises the stakes for appealing functionality and responsiveness. Where the expectation that mobile app interactions respond in less than three seconds, wearable apps performance expectations will be even higher.
  • B. Anticipate the environment and mindset of where wearables will be used. The extensibility inherent new mobile operating systems will temp people to do more. People will use smartphones differently than watches. For example, exercise will be common for wearables and the expectation for customer experience will be different which means that what you test and monitor for will be different.
  • C. Simple wearable apps means complex mobile. The potential for wearable’s all started with mobile. However, because mobile is now growing in complexity, it also becomes an opportunity to revisit your app strategy and ensure you’re delivering the best digital experience on that device and across all your digital channels.

Location: Fairbanks Terrace A Date: April 2, 2015 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Chris Karnacki Chris Karnacki