Top Performance Problems and How You Can Test for Them

Ever wondered why really had a problem or why BestBuy was down on Black Friday? Or what is the real reason behind that maintenance screen when you just tried to access your online banking system? If the system crashed under the load – why didn’t they test it properly? Or did they but forgot something?

I want to share the top reasons why in 2014 applications that impact our lives have failed when we tried to access them. I dig into the technical details on why they failed and why testing is partially to blame for not finding these problems early on before it made the news.

Top Implementation Problems Testers need to Avoid:

  • Top mistakes made in testing
  • Top deployment issues that cause production outages

Location: Fairbanks Terrace D Date: April 1, 2015 Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Andreas Grabner - STPCon Fall 2014 Andreas Grabner