Curtis Stuehrenberg Curtis Stuehrenberg

Curtis Stuehrenberg is a classically trained baritone and unsuccessful stage actor who stumbled into software testing when a friend pulled him, kicking and screaming, onto a project at Microsoft that would one day become Secure Business Server. The team wisely shunted him into the build and test lab where they assumed he would do the least harm. They were fortunately mistaken. Soon he was stalking the halls, causing fear and anger in developers and architects alike for having the effrontery to break “his” builds. Sixteen years later, he has mellowed somewhat and enjoys a challenging, rewarding, and at times successful career helping companies and teams walk the fine wire between craftsmanship and value. In what passes for his free time, he writes a little, leads the odd discussion, and argues passionately about things others often find vaguely interesting.

Speaker Details:

Curtis Stuehrenberg – West Coast Manage of Project Delivery, Applause
Twitter: @cowboytesting
Past Events: STPCon, SF Agile, ALM Forum, CAST

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