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Dave Haeffner is the writer of Elemental Selenium (elementalselenium.com) — a free, once weekly Selenium <p newsle2er read by thousands of tes<ng professionals. He’s also the creator and maintainer of ChemistryKit (github.com/chemistrykit) (an open-source Selenium framework), and author of The Selenium Guidebook (seleniumguidebook.com). He’s helped numerous companies successfully implement automated acceptance tes<ng; including The Motley Fool, ManTech Interna<onal, Si2ercity, Animoto, and Aquent. He’s also a founder/co-organizer of the Selenium Hangout and has spoken at numerous conferences and meet-ups about automated acceptance testing.

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Dave Haeffner – The Selenium Guidebook
Twitter: @TourDeDave
Website: DaveHaeffner.com
Blog: ElementalSelenium.com
Past Events: Previous Speaking Engagements

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