Hendrick Andersson Henrik Andersson

Henrik Andersson is co-founder of House of Test, consultancy and outsourcing based in Sweden, Denmark and China. He provides coaching and consulting for managers and leads. He tests, consults, speaks, writes, manages and thinks about software testing and problem solving. Henrik has worked in a broad range of fields such as medtech, defense, financial, pension, commercial web apps, logistics, SAP, search engines and telecom. From startups to international multi site organizations. This has given him a deep understanding of the way differences of context influences testing. Henrik Andersson is also co-founder of the context driven Let´s Test Conference and ISST (International Society for Software Testing).

Speaker Details:

Henrik Andersson – CEO, House of Test
Twitter: @henkeandersson
LinkedIn: Henrik Andersson
Websites: House of Test, LetsTest.com, CommonSenseTesting.org

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