Raj Subramanian - STPCon Fall 2014 Raj Subramanian

Raj Subramanian, a former developer for a payroll processing company, decided to move into testing to focus on his passion. Raj currently works as a mobile test lead for a travel booking company. He actively contributes to the testing community by speaking at conferences, writing articles, blogging, and being directly involved in various testing-related activities. Raj serves on the board of a cleveland conference group and is the co-organizer of a testers’ meet-up group. He currently resides in Chicago and can be reached at raj@rajsubra.com.

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Raj Subramanian – Senior Quality Engineer iOS, Orbitz
Twitter: @epsilon11
LinkedIn: Raj Subramanian
Website: RajSubra.com
Blog: RajSubra.com/Blog
Past Events: My Previous Speaking Engagements

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